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Bury Art Museum & Sculpture Centre

About the Event

Drop by and make your own robot, learn how to solder with our Build a Badge workshop, see our 3D Printer in action and explore our Virtual Reality showcase. There’s also a chance to play in the Awkward Arcade - a real-life experimental video arcade, discover Pattern Craft - a hands-on Minecraft making challenge and lots more!

Workshops and Activities

Awkward Arcade: Come and play in our experimental video arcade, a collection of fun and unusual games for adults and kids alike. Try your hands at ‘The Mashing’ and beat the boss on ‘Line Wobbler!’

PatternCraft: Drop-in programming - using mallets! Get hands-on and create your own art within Minecraft.No previous Minecraft experience required.

3D Printer Demo: You’ve heard all about them, now come and see one in action! Our 3D printer will be running all day, come watch and you can take home your own 3D printed mini mascot!

Arduino Traffic Lights: Learn how to programme with the Arduino board, make a road-ready flashing circuit with our  fun drop-in workshop.Suitable for beginners.

Web Blocks: Come and play in the world of Web Blocks! A fun experimental building game, inspired by Minecraft.

Wearable Tech: Explore the future of fashion and experiment with interactive accessories in our drop-in wearable tech workshop. Suitable for beginners.

Build a Badge: Learn how to solder and make a circuit with flashing lights with our drop-in build a badge workshop.

Game Craft: Get game crafty on our kids art table, and construct your own game characters!

Virtual Reality Corner: Play Virtual Reality games and explore computer-generated worlds.

Make your own Robot: Make your own flashing laser-cut robot with our fun robot kit from HacMan.

Bury Art Museum & Sculpture Centre
Moss Street

Later Event: August 27
All Souls Bolton