MadLab Volunteers Win Volunteering Team Of The Year Award!

MadLab volunteers have won the Spirit of Manchester Volunteering Team of the Year Award!

A *massive* well done to all involved with Digital Skills for WomenDigital Skills for SalfordCode Club, over 80 community group leaders and of course, the Make Stuff volunteers. They are the centurions of our community, helping us run digital training, community meetups, fun workshops, and more.

This year our community has grown *enormously*. With the help of over 700 volunteers, more than 30000 people in Greater Manchester have had the opportunity to engage with everything from crochet to coding. These volunteers have helped impact education, job creation, skill-sharing, increased well-being, and confidence building. To achieve this, they have donated no less than 1600 hours of their time – what superstars!

The Spirit of Manchester Awards is a celebration of voluntary organisations, community groups, charities and social enterprises in Manchester. Their goal is to raise the profile of the sector amongst the general public. In these tough financial times, they are playing an integral role in helping sustain organisations like ourselves – so a big shout out to them!

So a huge round of applause, a big thumbs up, a pat on the back etc for the MadLab Volunteers! May all their hard work continue to change lives and help the wider MadLab community.

For more information on the impact our volunteers have had, see some stats here!

To find out more about how you can volunteer and join the MadLab community, head here: